Summer Events:                                                      


Muskoseepi Park, Grande Prairie

Sunday July 19th

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


'Revolution Love Live'

Muskoseepi Park, Grande Prairie

Saturday August 8th

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


'World Of Motion'

September 28th

Culture Days

Location To Be Announced







The Team: 

An ever changing repertoire of local talent is featured at each event including musicians, dancers and speakers.

Mitchell Robert Cedar

Producer and visionary for all events.


Christina Cedar

Musician, storyteller with her little  furry friend

             'Oola' the Belgian Shepherd.

Chris Thiessen 

Poet, politician and peacekeeper MC deluxe. Larger than life and a magnetic personality to go with it! Creator of the legendary 'Peace Starts At Home' festival that ran for several years in Grande Prairie. 

Samantha MacKinnon 

Sam Keeps things rolling along smoothly as stage manager. She attends MacEwan University's Arts and Cultural Management program and brings tons of ideas and enthusiasm.




Angie Maksymetz

Musician, producer and sound technician.

Ava Mah

Audio-visual artist.

Ava will be recording the festival through the unique lens of her camera and videotape.


Muskoseepi Park 

Fun tricks featuring 'Oola'  the Belgian Shepherd.


Cookie Dinosaur 

Muskoseepi Park

Dancing, laughing dinobeast.

The Revolution Sonics

Muskoseepi Park 

Folk/rock tunes with a bit of a shamanic surfer sound. Three indie albums releases since 2008.

Peppy Penquin

Muskoseepi Park

A peppy pal from the south.