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For several years MusesNorth Art & Music Productions  has organized and lead multidimensional, family friendly, art, creative movement and music events. These community building events promote positive values and healthy living that celebrate our diversities. Producer, artist and visionary for these events, Mitchell Robert Cedar:


" The arts takes many forms and I have come to realize that family oriented and adult entertainment doesn't have to be separate events as long as its done tastefully and respectfully without an emphasis on pop culture that degrades people, places and things. The mission of this production is to create, promote, and honour art forms that inspires, celebrates, and is inclusive, building healthy communities, multiculturalism and supports diversity in human creativity." 

The three exciting events each have their own unique  creative

twists and a flexible time frame, typically  2 - 3 hours of

positive message and innovative music, creative movement and

opportunities for  audience members  to participate in wholesome

and supervised activities like  hooping, juggling, percussion and

dance like movements if they are interested. Revolution Love

Live is the larger, live music event having been produced on

midsize and large stages including Heritage Amphitheatre

Edmonton, and Muskoseepi Park Grande Prairie since 2012. World

of Motion and One World Revolution are smaller productions

intended for small to midsize stages, outdoor community areas

such as parks, and special event days like Canada Day, holiday

season parties and new year's eve celebrations, emphasizing

hands-on activities for people to try, all with a steady backbeat of

electronic instrumentation to keep the groove going! These

productions have included Olympic Plaza Calgary, Boyle Street

Plaza and Churchill Squares Edmonton, and Stanley Park

Vancouver. Sponsorship is made possible through grants, and

public and private donations that assist in bringing these all ages,

family friendly, free admission events to communities in

western Canada.