Since 2012, the 'World of Motion' concert event has included many musical, spoken word and visual artists promoting the arts 

Multidimensional  dance

Large scale paintings

Hip Hop Stylings


Characters of many sizes and shapes

Audience participation

Synth sounds

Creative movement

Silly songs

Fun and more fun

Folk - rock music

Chalk Art

Family friendly

Acoustic - electro

Percussion and rhythm galore

Lots of drums

Stories from around the world


Funky dancing

Olympic Plaza

Ribbon dancing.

Olympic Plaza

Juggling and ribbon dancing was popular popular all afternoon.

Olympic Plaza

Hoola Hooping enthusiasts.

Olympic Plaza

Tron Electron, frontman for the synth based Zonix and the Electronix, performed recent solo guitar works.

Olympic Plaza June 9th

Magoo Crew break dancing.

Olympic Plaza

Lots of impromtu dancing as well.

Olympic Plaza

Anna Kittilsen and her inspiring hoop work.

Olympic Plaza - June 9th

Magnificent weather and lots of people sampled the 'Revolution.' Performers included Anna Kittilsen, hoola hooping, Tron Electron with mystical guitar stylings and and several impromtu rap and hip hop with the Magoo Crew. Lots of opportuity for folks to try out activities and then cool down in the plaza wading pool with cool spray all afternoon.

December 7th

The Revolution Sonics, Angie, Katie and Mitch at Bear Creek Open Mic series, Cards Cafe, Grande Prairie.

November 16th

Revolution Sonics at 10,000 Villages, GP Museum.

October 4th

Fairview Post article - Mitchell Robert Cedar at video production for 'One Sky' video off the Revolution Sonics album 'Free the Revolution.

August 6th

Chalk Art, Revolution Love Live, Churchill Square, Edmonton.

July 16th

Revolution Sonics with friends, finale Revolution Love Live, Muskoseepi Park.

July 1st

Maestro Mr. 'G' live at Canada Day activities, Muskoseepi Park, Grande Prairie.

June 17

Revolution Sonics live at Summer Solstice Festival, Grande Prairie.

June 17

Sweetwater 905

Revolution Sonics opening act Friday and Saturday.

June 10, 2017

Olympic Plaza

The Revolution Sonics

November 2016

Revolution Sonics live at Ten Thousand Villages

July 16, 2016

Revolution Sonics at Revolution Love Live

Maestro Mr. 'G' with kids - Heritage Amphitheatre - august 2015

the Revolution Sonics folk/rock hipsters - Heritage Amphitheatre - august 2015

Cookie Dinosaur getting down at Heritage Amphitheatre

august 2015

Peppy Penquin live at Heritage Amphitheatre

august 2015

Heritage Amphitheatre

kids trying out rhythm instruments - august 2015

Chris opens the show at Heritage Amphitheatre - august 2015

Since 2006, The  Revolution Sonics, have been sharing their positive message lyrics and polyrhythmic music throughout western Canada.

Maestro Mr. G

live at Muskoseepi Park - july 2015

Hip Flicks Hoops

live at Muskoseepi Park - july 2015

july 2015

chalk artists, Muskoseepi Park

july 2015
Tasia & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

july 2015


december 2014

 Maestro Mr. G - live new years eve Muskoseepi Park Pavilion

july 2014

Isaac and Mitch of the revolution sonics

july 2014 

ckalk art - Aurora Lights Schmidt & Centre for Creative Arts group

July 2014

Ocean handling the drum kit for the Revolution Sonics.

july 2014

Renee & friends live at Muskoseepi Park concert

july 2014

Threza & friends live at Muskoseepi park concert

may 2014

working on the hip hop stuff at Muskoseepi Park,South Peace Historical Restoration Society fundraiser at the amphitheatre

may 2014

exploring some new ideas at Matta Fest Dunvegan Park

july 2014

Revolution Sonics Muskoseepi Park concert 

july 2014 - Chris & Franz backstage at Muskoseepi Park concert

july 2014

Anna Kittilsen - Hip Flick Hoops

february 17, 2014


did a mini version of the show to overwhelming response on Family Day at Muskoseepi Park. Mitch, Ocean and Isaac.

december 2013 

Maestro Mr. G & friends

december 2013

Christina on the congas - Community Party/Revolution Love Live, Fairview

july 2013

Tasia, tribal fusion belly dancer live 

Maestro Mr. G - December 2013

november 2012

Revolution Sonics live at the inaugural indoor show at Ovations, Grande Prairie

december 2012

Maestro Mr. G - Muskoseepi Park, new years eve , Grande Prairie.

Tina Tale Spinner 2012
Rockin' Rhythm Cats - Summer 2012
Amanda Syryda - live at Matta Fest 2010
'Your Mother' live at Muskoseepi Park 2010
Maestro Mr. G - Grande Cache Folk Fest 2010
Matta Fest - Dunvegan Provincial Park 2010

may 2010

working the musenorth art & music table at Matta Fest

Stray Crows - Grande Cache Folk Festival 2009
Revolution Sonics 2009
Robert Cedar - Muskoseepi Park 2008
Revolution Sonics - Peace Starts at Home 2006