World Of Motion                      'Keep on Moving'


                        Play makes us feel good.

                     It is a universal phenomenon.

     Staying active and participating regularly in lifelong           play activities has been shown to promote health,                                happiness and longevity.

      'Inclusiveness Play' includes access, opportunity and        acceptance to engage in meaningful play for all ages. 

       Activities requiring minimal equipment and playing          space is a 'Revolution Of Motion' and fits perfectly            the mandate and vision of:

       NewWorldRevolution/RevolutionLoveLive/WorldOfMotion                                   Atomyx

     With this in mind, the 'World Of Motion' event can be          easily produced in any location. It is a condensed            version of the larger 'Revolution Love Live' event.

                 Be the inspiration to make it happen:

          In Your Life In Your Community In Your World



its got a bit of DJ inspired music


Add some ribbons


Sometimes street dancing

Maybe a bit of chalk art

Makes us healthy

               And builds connections!