World Of Motion 

            'Keep on Moving'


                Music and play makes us feel good.

         They are universal phenomenon for all ages.

    Staying active, listening and playing music, and participating regularly in lifelong play and recreational activities has been shown to promote health, happiness and longevity. Inclusive play includes access, opportunity and  acceptance to engage in meaningful play for all  ages and all abilities. Activities requiring minimal equipment and playing space is a return to simplicity and a celebration of 'Natural Community Health.' Back it up with assorted styles of live music and presto:

             Atomyx - Electronica Inspired Sounds

          Move Groove Collective - Pop Rock Music 

Revolution  Love Live - Live Music and Inspirational Speakers

'World Of Motion' events have a flexible can do       mandate and can be produced in any size location and     venue as long as there are people to participate. 


        Be The Inspiration To Make It Happen:

  In Your Life In Your Community In Your World



Rock inspired music

Maybe some DJ mixes


Add some ribbons

Perhaps a bit of juggling

Sometimes street dancing

Maybe a bit of chalk art

Makes us healthy

               And builds connections!