Move Groove Collective

        'Low Impact/High Rewards'              

Movement can make us feel good.

It is a universal, celebratory  phenomenon.

Staying active and participating regularly in lifelong activities has been shown to promote health, happiness and longevity.

'Inclusiveness Art' includes access, opportunity and acceptance to engage in meaningful creative artistic pursuits for all ages. 

Art forms like painting, drawing, dance/creative movement are timeless. They can be done with minimal equipment and space. Sidewalk chalkart is an example of this artistic pursuit. The non-toxic, washable type also fits perfectly the mandate and vision of:

 Move Groove Collective/RevolutionLoveLive/WorldOfMotion


With this in mind, the 'Move Groove Collective' event can be produced in almost any urban location that has a receptive medium like pavement. Through in some live music and big beats, away you go . . . 

             Be the inspiration to make it happen:

        In Your Life In Your Community In Your World


                Sidewalk Chalk Art

People with chalk

make shapes on pavement . . . 

and with a backbeat . . . 

that'll inspire 

and keep it going . . .