'Revolution Love' - The Song


In 2005 we were involved in the 'Peace Starts at Home Festival' created

by Chris Thiessen and friends.  I had an  acoustic song called 'One

Sky' recorded in 1987 for an Amnesty International songwriting event

but  I wanted something a bit more high energy and feeling ready to

create something fresh and electric. So I plugged into an amp, started

riffing up the fretboard on my Epiphone electric guitar, added a bit of

distortion, and presto, the song 'Love is a Revolution' was born.  A few

months later we recorded it in Angie's basement and her on standup

bass, Isaac on drums and myself on guitar and vocals.

We added Christina's harmony a few weeks later and put it on

our folk group, The Stray Crows, first album, "One Sky" in 2006. About

the same time I had started up another, more electric band

called The Revolution Sonics; so we added Ernst on electric bass, upped

the distortion, tweaked it here and there and boom

the remix 'Revolution Love' was born. We put it on The Revolution

Sonic's first album, "Celebrate" in 2008. I figured it was a versatile

enough song for two different bands to play and a message that for

some reason felt like it needed to be explored and expressed.

Mitchell Robert Cedar


'Revolution Love Live' - The Concert


In 2008 we started up a monthly coffee house in Rycroft called the 'Junction Coffee

House' that ran for 3 seasons, slowly morphing into an arts and music tour of the

peace river country called MusesNorth Art & Music  which  played for a couple seasons

at restaurants in Grande Prairie, Fairview and Peace RiverLive music and artists at

work creating music, painting, sculpture and poetry. Along the way we connected with

other like minded artists and patrons who enjoyed the arts and good

old fashion socializing. Since we really love bringing these things together  and give

other artists and musicians an apportunity to share their talents, we started expanding

and this current series of live concert events began. We particularly like to bring

this event outdoors, to the heart of a community, hence it is typically located in a city central

area like a park or plaza, and its also  free to attend - accessible to

all.  So every spring and summer you can join us in places like Muskoseepi

Park Amphitheatre Grande Prairie, Heritage Amphitheatre, Hawrelak Park and Churchill

Square Edmonton, and  Olympic Plaza, Calgary.  Aaaaaaaand we have ventured out 

interprovincially in 2019 which included Stanley Park Vancouver.

The MusesNorth Team



        'The Revolution Sonics' - The Band


In and around 2006, we decided to create a new musical group with full drum

kit, electric guitars, keyboards as well as the acoustic instruments from The Stray

Crowsaccordian, congas, shakers, foot stomping etc.  The new group would

essentially be  folk/art/rock with a worldwide and humanstic  perspective encouraging

soulsearching, community spirit and celebrating through dance etc. O yea, and

louder! We needed a name and with much discussion and name changes we arrived

at "The Revolution Sonics."  Our name comes from a metaphorical  take on the 

word revolution -  a sudden change or a transition;  but not related to blood

and violence; but about  the spiritual struggle from within ourselves that seems to be

present in human nature;  also the rotating, circulating and revolving meaning that also

relates to us on personal level -  sometimes we feel like we are just going round

and round; the earth is spinning round; and oh yea, we love hoola hooping and other

creative movement  activities that require little equipment and is readily available. The

connotations to a peaceful revolution like informative  demonstrations

for world peace resonates with us so we just added sonics on the end as, afterall, we

are into sound bites. One definition that someone also gave us was: 

     " indie folk rock hipsters of the soul searching, peace, love and understanding genre." 

We really like that one too. Our sonic revolutionary family, consists of Angie 

on keyboards, accordian and vocals; Christina on percussion, drums, vocals;  Emma on

percussion and vocals;  Ernst on bass and flute;  Isaac on guitar, drums, percussion

and vocals; Mitch on guitar, horn, flute, ukelele, percussion and dancing; and Ocean

on percussion, drum kit, cajon and mandolin. Zoe Scott, drummer was

an original member and having returned to her hometown of Toronto remains a member at

large. She played supberb drums on two tracks off the inaugural 2008 CD release 'Celebrate.'

    Additionally, most of us in the band are family related and therefore we are often

called a family band - we also like this  connotation as truly we are all related in the

world anyway and our music strives for universal themes as represented in all of our

music. For most of the  'Revolution Love Live/World Of Motion' concerts, The Revolution

Sonics act  as host band;  ChrisThiessen, MC Peacemaker, with his larger than life

personna keeps our concerts cohesively inspiring. As of the 2017 events, Samantha

MacKinnon, a young up- in-coming arts professional will manage backstage activities and

keep the concert on time and organized; Tasia Beithestrom'Cedar  frequently joins us on

stage adding  beautiful performances of Temple Fusion Belly Dancing; and

last but not least, Cookie Dinosaur and Peppy Penguin, our mascot beasts, are played

by Beth Reyes and Katie Schulz respectivelyThere is a rotating roster of guest artists

and musicians at each event providing them with an opportunity to present their

unique art forms in a public format. This has included hoola hooping, juggling, dance

and chalk/sidewalk artists.  

The Revolution Sonics


                                                                Our intent is to:


Multidimensional Art  Forms

that has Integrity, Honesty, 

and is 


and Relevant in Honouring Our Beautiful, Fickle World

 and Its People Past, Present and Future.

Peace to All