Free The Revolution  album released July 2016 from the Revolution Sonics on MusesNorth Art & Music Productions, with front cover art by Julie-Anne Dockree and her original watercolor "Space".

'One Sky'1987 independent release, Saskatoon, Sk.
                  submitted  and accepted by Amnesty International.

'Down on Furby' - Single 1989 independent release,                                               Winnipeg,  Manitoba.

'Hero of the Games' - Single 1995 independent release,                                              Grande Prairie, Ab. submitted to                                                Canada Winter Games.

'Brothers & Sisters' - Demo 2000 - 2001, Grande Prairie                                              Ab, independent release from "The                                            Guerrillas From Peace."

'I Wonder Why' - Single 2005, The Guerrillas from Peace - 
                              Grande Prairie, Ab, Submitted  and                                            
accepted byKairos Committee, Interfairth.                                committee for social justice.

'One Sky' - 2006  full album release by the Stray 
                   Crows, Rycroft, Ab. Solluna Productions.

'Celebrate' -  2008 full album release by The Revolution                                 Sonics on Winddance Records.

  'Myths & Legends' - 2012 full album release by The                                                  Revolution Sonics on Winddance Art &                                      Records.

'Free the Revolution' - Spring 2016 release by                                                              the Revolution Sonics on MusesNorth                                        Art & Music Productions.